Maman: a love story

C’est trop beau notre aventure,

C’est trop beau pour être vrai.

~ Tino Rossi

It’s barely been open a week and my love affair with the new Maman cafe is already a passionate one. 

I started today with a stop here. I may never want to go anywhere else. 

You are that lovely, Maman.


Maman Toronto

100 King Street West, Toronto



To market, to market

No pain, no gain. I’ve lived + worked through the messy construction around my office for the past two years and while I never thought I’d say this, it was totally worth all the disruption.

Because all of that mess gave birth to the most incredibly beautiful street that is now home to the Front St. Foods Market all summer. Heaven. I’m in heaven. 



The Value of Vintage

The cool folks over at APEX PR recently invited me to be a guest blogger for their things that never go out of style series. Considering that my love of vintage lives-and-dies by the fact that old things remain cool, how could I resist? Enjoy 🙂

APEX_image_vintage-clothes-and-housewaresThe Value of Vintage
I recently caught myself drooling over a woman’s white platform Nike Air’s on the subway. I surprised myself with that one. I mean, c’mon, **white** running shoes. Platform. Nike!? I then spent the rest of the ride trying to figure out if she was still stuck in the 90s or progressive enough in her fashion sense to ‘bring back’ the Airs. { more }

Memories of camp

At five years old, my daughter is finally getting to the age where some of her interests and activities are starting to mirror my own – either from when I was a kid or even now.

When she entered the world of Girl Guides my memory bank was immediately filled with vivid reminders of bannock making, canvas tents, cookie selling and badge earning.

Last weekend was her first camp experience – a day at one of my own former Guide camps, Pipers Hill.  After nearly 30 years, I could still picture my friends and I in that camp lodge; remembered us dangerously going down the very steep Pipers hill on toboggans, and roasting marshmallows on the campfire. It was simple fun. Exactly the reason I wanted my little girl to experience this world.  And when we picked up our little Spark after campfire singalong that night, rosy cheeked and smelling like pine needles, it was like I was back there myself, tired, happy and surrounded by the good things. xx  

My Sunday

The sunniest, warmest day this year. Gathered my family around after scattering for the weekend…and found the friends who make good food fun. The ones who serve eggs and peameal on vintage platters while spinning The Moody Blues on vinyl 😊



Here We Go: Rummage Sale Season

Saturday marks the start of hunting season for me. Vintage hunting. Combing through church basements for the greatest finds…pausing for coffee out of styrofoam cups and homemade muffins from old ladies. It’s like Christmas 🙂

Updates to come. xx

Vintage Halloween

This year, I’m going country and dressing up as a cowgirl for Halloween (including for work). Post-day photos to come 🙂

Like everything else in my life, my costume is a mix of modern & vintage….my own jeans and boots, a vintage gingham shirt with embroidered lapels, and the 10 gallon hat from my parents’ house that we used to have in our dress up box growing up. Oh, and my personalized Sheriff’s badge from my trip to the Alamo in Texas. Of course.

With Halloween only a few days away, there are few things over the in the shop that might just inspire your costume this year.


Clockwise, left to right:
Good Music Lives pin // Girl Guides waist pouch // Le Chateau denim vest // white beaded necklace

My weekend: Thanksgiving, country style

Thanksgiving usually looms in glutonous anticipation. Full stomachs and family overload (in the best way) are nothing but customary. We’ve fallen into a lovely little busy tradition of city turkey Thanksgiving with my family followed by country ham at the farm with The Hunter’s family. And, most restoratively, followed the next day — holiday Monday — with a day of nothing. Eating less. Resting more. Doing whatever our eagerness — and the weather — allows.

This weekend, the kids discovered the wonder that is The Muppet Show and sat enraptured by vintage episodes staring Harry Belafonte, John Denver and Linda Ronstadt (really!).

Embracing my father-in-law’s incredible hipster-before-his-time wolf knitted sweater, the boy and I trolled the woods for pinecones and changing leaves for our harvest table.

fotor_cramahe-20141012-03431-11fotor_trent hills-20141012-03434-12
And after the most incredible roast mustard-thyme ham, baking soda biscuits and oven-crisped brussel sprouts, we hiked our country property in search of long-forgotten fruit trees.

Our Monday level of enthusiasm brought a trip to the local orchard for pumpkins, Empires and Honeycrisps. Trains in the distance, misty cornmazes, metal wagons, and late-blooming raspberries were reminders that country mornings are different (not better…just different) than city ones. I would be lying if I couldn’t admit that an Americano would have been an excellent addition to our outing…

fotor_img-20141013-03448-48 fotor_brighton-20141013-03450-49fotor_brighton-20141013-03452-50
I never feel the need to shout from the rooftops about what I’m thankful for — it’s always around me and I’m well aware. But sometimes an extra day, a city break, and an extra healthy dose of family give you exactly what you need to feel thank you right back.


Thanksgiving Bunting

My first post as contributor to The Motherboards DIY blog! Enjoy xx


There is an almost overwhelming variety of pumpkins, gourds and faux leaves available everywhere this time of year — grocery stores, farmers’ markets, country farms and craft stores make it pretty easy to buy everything you need to celebrate Thanksgiving. That’s why I wanted something I could make myself — something that looked festive but not overly turkey-cliché. I found it with this sweet little Thanksgiving bunting.

By: Jessica

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Something old, something new

My baby sister is getting married next spring. This will be the last of the three girls to tie the knot and it’s been different and fun to be a part of wedding prep when my own wedding seems so lovely and distant.

Last weekend we joined the first of a series of *find-the-dress* outings. My little lady got to join in the frou-frou fun and she was, understandably, lost in frilly, girly, gorgeous heaven.


Nearly 10 (!) years after our own wedding, I still love the style of our own evening — I don’t feel like our wedding looks dated or locked in some sort of “2005 timewarp”. No small feat, considering just how trendy some dresses and wedding themes can be. Ten years ago I was not quite as wholeheartedly enamoured with all things vintage. Had I been, I definitely would have looked for a vintage gown. Or one that was vintage inspired.

dsc_0219 dscn0301
Which is why dress shopping with my sister was so much fun. Styles right now are all lace overlays, capped sleeves, champagne underlays, and fitted silhouettes. Gorgeous and feeling so vintage.

And while she didn’t buy *the* dress that day, she likely found the one. Lips sealed. xx